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16th March 2003, 10:48
I have never kept Triturus before, only Asian species, and I was wondering if T. Karilini is a good newt to start keeping triturus. If so, could people email me some info, or if not on a better species to start with triturus on.
Thanks, Chris

16th March 2003, 14:44
I would say karelinii would be the perfect one for starters. They are big, hardy, and less fussy about needing cold temperatures.

16th March 2003, 14:47
Thanks Jen
Could anyone give me some good sources of info on t. karelini?

17th March 2003, 09:23
Well, there's plenty of information in the caudate central caresheet, and at http://www.darkwave.org.uk/~caleb/trispe.html

karelinii is a very easy species, but carnifex and alpestris are easy too. There are plenty of eggs of all these species available in the UK at this time of year (mail me if you want to know some sources).

There are also wild caught adults of karelinii and alpestris available occasionally- I'd recommend buying captive bred stock if you can, though- there is plenty around in the UK.