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16th May 2002, 13:45
I just got a few newt from singapore local aquarium, it has the average length of abt 100mm, back colour is black, abdoman is redish orange with few black spots. The salesman told me that it belongs to the generus Trithoides .but I couldn't found any of the reference of this latin name from the web. Could someone help me to variefy whether they gave me the wrong name or it does exist. If it does exist, which family does it belongs to? and what are the probab species name?and how to keep it?thanks

16th May 2002, 15:47
99% likely to be Chinese firebellies, Cynops orientalis, of the family Salamandridae. There's a care sheet for these at www.caudata.org/caudatecentral/

Just plug "Cynops orientalis" into the search and you'll find it.

16th May 2002, 20:08
Is the tail paddle-shaped?


17th May 2002, 11:19
I'd guess at orientalis, too. You'll have a hard time to provide them low enough temperatures in Singapore - maybe close to an air con?
direkt link to the caresheet (http://www.caudata.org/caudatecentral/caresheets/C_orientalis.html)

You also might want to compare with the pics of Cynops, Paramesotriton and Pachytriton at the Amphibia Web (http://elib.cs.berkeley.edu/aw/search/index.html)

Of course, there is no such beast as "Trithoides" - must be creative marketing... :o(
Amphibian Species Database (http://research.amnh.org/cgi-bin/herpetology/amphibia)

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20th May 2002, 02:16
thanks for the information, but I've compared the specimen with the pic. there are still some differnce though. the pic which I have shows a abdomen colour of either blue or yellow. but my one is really redish orange..Could it be some kind of sub-spiecies?btw it has a paddle-shaped tail,cheershttp://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/happy.gif

20th May 2002, 02:18
oooops , i got the wrong picture. it looks alike from the dorsal view, yet who can be so kind to show me a picture of its abdomen? thanks very much..........