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10th April 2006, 10:19
Anybody could tell me what is the average size of the Peleon (Greek) "werneri" salamanders, the variation of the species in southern balkanic area, the viviparous populations,etc.?
has S. salamandra salamandra populations with red spots outside Greece? and has Gigliolii ventral red spots? and terrestris?
Any information about northwestern anatolian salamanders? (not the kurdistan, northeastern ones)
Thank you in advantage

10th April 2006, 14:43
Hello Daniel,

many questions; Balkan situation is far from complete, a lot of work still to be done. See Thiesemeier in his chapter in the german Handbook series or in his own work.
Gigliolli has red ventral coloration, but that is a different kind of red when compared with gallaica or morenica. Terrestris from border France-Italy can have red spots like in gallaica...
The northwestern anatolian Salamandra are seen as non existing as there is no good proof nor has there been recent indications that they could occur there (more or less like on Sicily where also still is no actual proof that Salamandra is found there..see the new Italian atlas).

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12th April 2006, 14:15
Thank you for your answer

yes I checked Thiesemeier book...
Have you any knowledge about average sizes in Werneri poulations? Are more salamandra nominal forms reddish?
May be you know it already I´ve included you in acknowledgements in a publication about algira larvae as a petition of your friend David Donaire

See you, Daniel.