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23rd January 2006, 18:52
Are most species of fire salamanders capable of breeding with one another? It seems like their range is so wide that they would often come into contact with one another.

I was also curious due to the fact that many vendors simply advertise this species as S. salamandra. So when purchasing from someone other than a private breeder (god forbid!http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/happy.gif how do you really know what you're getting?


24th January 2006, 08:33
You never can tell. And even with private breeders it is a matter of trust. But lucky most people will try to breed them pure as gladly most people are not interested in hybrids. The natural beauty of Salamandra is excellent enough!!
Hopefully the sick hybrid hype which occurs in snakes and terrapins will never pass on to salamanders.

25th January 2006, 02:56
In addition to being able to hybridize, another thing to keep in mind is that Salamandra females can produce fertile offspring for months or even years after being with a male. So even briefly housing two different subspecies together could result in hybrid offspring much later.

I hope you aren't buying from those "vendors". Given time, you can obtain CB Salamandra, and the juveniles are not difficult to care for.

25th January 2006, 16:48
No, I haven't purchased any yet, but was curious due to all the subspecies this group contains. Seems like it would be hard to distinguish them, but then again I've never had any direct experience with any of them.

Most of the time when I purchase or collect a particular species I try to get males and females from two different sources. I'm not sure if this helps produce better offspring and avoid potential genetic defects or not, but I personally feel better about it...Just a personal thing.

That's the primary reason for my asking.

Thank you all.