View Full Version : S.s. gallaica problem

13th October 2005, 18:27
My (fairly) LTC gallaica have both stopped eating. They both had (as these sals are supposed to have) huge appetites, until about two weeks ago. The male stopped eating first, shortly followed by the female. Both animals seem stressed.
Their setup is a standard 2ft. with soil/potting compost substrate + a bit of beech ulch. There is a shallow water dish, two flowerpots and moss. The animals have recvently been out of hiding during the latter part of the day, and climbing up against the sides at night.
I have placed them in a temporary setup with paper twoels, a plastic plant and some hides to see if it is an environmental problem.



14th October 2005, 11:31
how does their skin/shedding doing? the change in behavior is a sign for sure, i have had a similar problem before with an adult fire- and moving mine to a plastic shoe box with damp towles helped out, once mine shed it got better, i was never sure if it was the environment or temperature, but he got his appetite back and is now fine. i do wonder if perhaps the substrate was too damp, when i saw he was having problem shedding i was watering more and it seemed to make his condition worse.

14th October 2005, 19:37
Just an odd question perhaps, are there a lot of crickets in their setup?

15th October 2005, 14:03
I don't see any signs of skin shedding on them. The female ate a waxworm last night. I don't use crickets at all for feeding (waxworms and earthworms are the staple diet).
Annoyingly, the female mannaged to lift the lid of her tub during the night, so she is somewhere in my shed at the moment. I have put down some trays with paper towels and I'll go out with a torch once it gets dark. There are plenty of bugs living in there, so she may get a good meal before I find her. If she doesn't appear tonight, I'll have to take everything out the shed....
I will keep any eye on skin shedding. The male sal is the most worrying as he is looking a bit thin now. He always looked slightly on the skinny side, though.