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17th May 2004, 17:00
Check out this reb-bellied beauty!


Photo by Peponi -- http://www.remix-net.co.jp/Peponi/

18th May 2004, 06:42
Nice, but typical for most gigliolii though (as can be found in the original description). Red throats can be found in some S.s. fastuosa too by the way. Can you put a dorsal picture as well, and do you know from where it originates?

18th May 2004, 08:23
Hi Serg. Well, I know not a thing about fire salamanders http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/smile6.gif But it sure is nice! Here's a dorsal shot:


Photo by Peponi -- http://www.remix-net.co.jp/Peponi/

The photo description suggests it's from somewhere in Italy.

18th May 2004, 08:46
Beautiful animals http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/happy.gif. Have you met a new friend in Japan, Tim? http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/happy.gif

18th May 2004, 10:51
Hehehe! Well, I could purchase it if I wanted to but I'm frankly terrified at the prospect of getting into fire salamanders...as they're so damn intriguing http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/lol.gif I'm already exerting super-human efforts to limit myself to Cynops and Hynobius. Actually, I once had a fire but gave him away as I wasn't giving him enough attention -- plus I didn't like having to feed large crickets.


Photo by Peponi -- http://www.remix-net.co.jp/Peponi/

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