View Full Version : Aggression in Fire Salamanders?

28th January 2004, 16:27
I recently set up a 36 by 18 inch terrarium for a trio of sub adult Fire salamanders. Within an hour one was on top of the other and locked around it's arms. Has anyone observed this behavior before? It did not look like they were copulating to me.

29th January 2004, 12:01
To my opinion this could be territorial behaviour between two males. In mating behaviour males clasps females from the belly side; in territorial behaviour males claps each other from the dorsal side. Although there is much discussion about if this behaviour is territorial, I am convinced that it is, because salamanders have excellent smell and can distinguish between males and females, but...sadly not much research on it has been done. Up un til now it has been observed in S.s. gallaica (by mr. Bas-Lopez), S. s. salamandra (by W. Kästle is remember correctly) and in S. algira tingitana (myself)

30th January 2004, 09:46
I have seen a male S.s.salamandra clasp a female from above in a very tight grip. It was a very dramatic sight. I assumed that even if it wasn't copulation itself it was sexual.

9th February 2004, 11:06
I often made this observation in my S.s.terrestris group. I also think this behaviour is territorial. It looks different to the mating behaviour.