View Full Version : S.s.terrestris larvae (and mystery bugs)

28th January 2004, 20:21
Here are some recent pics of my terrestris larvae. They are about 4-5cm long and beginning to show signs of morphing. The gills are starting to receed and the colouring is showing through on their bodies.

The Tank with lots of plants: (sorry its a bit blurry)

And the Larvae:

You can see the yellow bands on the joints of the front and back legs showing.

Whilst adding the plants, these little critters showed up:

I am not really worried about these bugs as they have no pincers or claws to harm the larvae. They have beens seen eating the plants and I would guess filter feeding, also munching on waste on the tank bottom. My Cynops and N.v.v went crazy for these, the larvae are not big enough to eat the adults of these.
I was just wondering if anyone could give me a positive ID as I have a pond full of these, I thought they would be a good food source but not quite sure about nutritional value, etc..

28th January 2004, 22:51
It's a waterlouse (Asellus aquaticus) Aimee. A member of the Isopode family.
It is harmless to your larvae, as it eats rotting vegetation. I havn't found it to be a good food item for my newts, in fact most ignore it.
Best wishes...Mike.

29th January 2004, 10:05
Hey Mike
Thanks for the ID. I didn't think they would be a good food source but I guess if they don't get eaten they will help eat all the waste/rotting plants in the tanks.