View Full Version : Dead Mother

27th June 2003, 06:48
I asked some time ago advice on getting only one baby, today one of the females died. I had stopped putting them in the brooding water tank, and left them only with there water dish.
I did a necropsy on the dead female(this used to be my job at the University)There were 22 babies many with legs already. I think that she died due to having nowhere to drop the young. The ones closest to the cloaca were decaying while those further up were freshly dead. Could this be the problem? I put the other female in the brood tank, hopefully this will help. Now all that said it could be the heat as well. It was hot for a couple of days, and my basement got warm. Any advice would be appreciated.

27th June 2003, 09:40
Fire sals don't tolerate high temperatures. You should never allow t to go above 20-22C What t is there in your basement?

28th June 2003, 04:10
Francesco, It definately got above that probably 85 degrees F, I am putting ice packs in the tub now, but i think I will move them to the air conditoning now. Live and learn.

28th June 2003, 08:11
David,I wouldn't moove them to air conditioning. A c tends to make the air too dry for them. I haven't direct axperience with keeping amphibians with a c but a friend of mine put baby s.salamandra in his office with a c and they all died.