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8th February 2003, 17:03
Hey guys, thought I'd get your insight on this before I actually used it. The green moss I use for my 3 fire sals seems to go bad after a month or two, and little gnat looking things start flying around (either that or its the soil?); because I just cleaned the tank yesterday and they're back already..So I'm looking for alternative, cleaner ways to house my fire sals (still keeping them happy enough to breed). Unbleached paper towels have yet to be found in my area, so I was thinking of lineing the bottom of their tank with that soft green reptile carpet, then some woodchips and their typical hideouts (with some moss in them) ..is that a nono?

9th February 2003, 23:58
It would probably work, but I don't know of a way to clean that reptile carpet stuff. Is there? Seems like you'd have to replace it every time you cleaned that tank and that could be costly.

Regarding unbleached towels, try looking for your local health food or natural foods store. They usually have ecologically-correct paper products.

10th February 2003, 02:06
Well, I'll try it, the carpet I saw was soft, I could probably water it down and scrub anything dirty off it when i clean it. If not, I'll look for some health food stores, I didn't know they would have them, I was only looking in like, the regular food stores.. etc. people have still gotten them to breed with papertowell setups right ?

11th February 2003, 19:20
I know that for reptiles, you can wash the carpet in a washing machine. This doesn't sound like a good idea for amphibs because of potential soap residue. Maybe you could try just setting the washing machine on rinse and wait till you have a bunch of them that need washing.