View Full Version : Difference between Salamandra s. s. and S. s. terrestris?

15th June 2001, 04:53
Is there an easy way to visually differentiate between Salamandra salamandra salamandra and Salamandra salamandra terrestris?

Can someone tell me the difference between these sub-species (other than locality)?

Also, which is more popular with salamander hobbyists?

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PS There's some pretty cool Salmandra images at:

15th June 2001, 08:22
Basically, Salamandra s. salamandra is "spotted", whereas S. s. terrestris usually has two bands of yellow running on either side of the back (there may be a number of breaks in the bands, depending on the individual). In some, the bands are perfectly connected but in others they're quite broken up.

S. s. salamandra is usually a lot bigger (up to 30 cm / 12 inches) than S. s. terrestris (usually not more than 22 cm / 9 inches), and the tail is usually longer in S. s. salamandra. There are other more subtle differences in body shape too.

Here's a link to a photo of S. s. salamandra (http://elib.cs.berkeley.edu/imgs/512x768/1111_1111/1111/0093.jpeg).
And here's a link to a photo of S. s. terrestris (http://elib.cs.berkeley.edu/imgs/512x768/1111_1111/1111/0208.jpeg).
Both photos are from Amphibia Web (http://www.amphibiaweb.org).