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1st February 2004, 02:22
I think the seller's location says it all. I almost needed a translator.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2377133507&category=12 85


1st February 2004, 05:36
is this legal?

1st February 2004, 16:32
LOL...probably not. Arkansas does not allow for the sale of native amphibs.

1st February 2004, 18:41
Ebay prohibits sales of animals, with few exceptions. If you are an ebay member and want to report illegal sales of animals, here is the page you need:
There is a link at the bottom for reporting it.

I have previously tattled on someone selling newts, and the auction was yanked the next day. Lets hope for a similar response this time.

1st February 2004, 20:56
is it even possible to feed a lesser siren to a bullfrog?

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1st February 2004, 22:28
I reported it too...

2nd February 2004, 05:33
that guy contacted me wanting to know if i wanted to buy any for pets

2nd February 2004, 11:34
i reported him as well. hopefully he'll get the hint.

3rd February 2004, 17:33
I reported it too, but the link still works after 2 days??! Ebay hasn't taken it off yet. http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/pirate.gif

I tried searching on-line for Arkansas law which specifically prohibits sale of native amphibians (even as bait! http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/violent.gif), but couldn't find it. Does anyone have a good link?

I figure one more day, then try calling the Fish and Wildlife people to go harass Ebay.

5th February 2004, 23:46
This auction is still up.http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/violent.gif Anyone find out any information about Arkansas law?

7th February 2004, 21:46
well, the Ark. Fish and Wildlife didn't return my call and I didn't have the time to harass them more. The good thing is that the auction is over and no one bid. http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/happy.gif

8th February 2004, 01:36
10.00? and I can keep them for 14 days without obligation, wow. I can't wait LOL.

I counted 14 MISSPELLED words in the body text alone, is this person american or really too YOUNG for an eBay account, or just plain....well... you know..


14th May 2004, 20:22
Just wanted to say "Hi" and put in my two cents.I am really flattered that this whole page seems to be about me.And it is interesting to see how many of you that I have sold to speaking out.The reason you could not find where it states that it is not legal to sell sirens in Arkansas is because(and I am sorry to inform you) there is no such law.Besides I raise my own.I started out with wild caught,and after several generations and a lot of hard work (and according to arkansas laws)they are no longer concidered wild caught but captive breed.I can tell their gender.But why should I just give away what has taken up so much of my time and work.You see I love these creatures.I want other people to be able to enjoy their beauty like I have.Didn't you see my pic's?Do they look like they were taken by someone who does not appreciate everything about them.You can not sell pets on ebay.I found they only way I could think of to let the world know about these creatures.The people who bought them from me(and you know who you are)bought them as pets.They cost too much to use as a fishing bait.So thank you for closing the auction.I know your really glad you got yours before it closed.Now you can be the only ones to own one.Well that's what you thought because I'm still breeding and I,m still selling.For those of you who have been unable to locate my ads,you may e-mail me directly with your orders.Don't worry all orders are completely confidential.I also have three toed amphiumas there is a waiting list for them so get your place now.Thank you,And have a great day!Pioneer

14th May 2004, 22:29
Captive bred? Give me a break.

14th May 2004, 23:41

16th May 2004, 16:40
YOU'RE A MORON (and you can't spell, and this is completely unethical, and you're a moron, among other things).

16th May 2004, 17:38
He's been banned from Caudata.org. I think some people have a lot of cheek.