View Full Version : Spotted breeding

16th March 2007, 16:43
Will spotted salamanders only use the pools they were born in to breed? Or will they use new pools if the old ones are destroyed? Thanks Chad

16th March 2007, 19:46
I have heard that spotted salamanders always go back to there origanal pool. The thing is that spotted sals usually breed in vernal pools so if there is a really dry year they won't always be able to use the same pool. So they probably will breed in a new pool if the one they used most was destroyed.

By the way, how is the hellbender thing going?

16th March 2007, 20:58
Pools located around the original pool that is destroyed will probably be used since the males and females have to lay their spermatophores and eggs somewhere. It also depends on how far apart warm rains come and go in your area otherwise there has been a few years where the spotteds have not bred so successfully. The first warm rain triggers the males to visit ponds and the second triggers the females. If the second rain doesn't come soon the spermatophores may dry up with the pool or catch a fungus. It happened my neighborhood once and there were very few egg sacs.