View Full Version : Annulatum morphs eating

4th July 2005, 05:15
im trying out the school cam i borrowed, so here are some shots of them eating/checking out the menu items.....hopefully better pics to come once i get the hang of this cam

10th July 2005, 04:22
the smallest of them-the one i never saw eat-died, so now i have 7, but i have seen all of the rest them attempt to eat, some have difficulty with a worm piece on the substrate but will take it eventually when handed to them on forceps, they seem to need glasses cause their aim is off. so far though i few are known to be really good eaters-esp the big one who morphed first and is out sizing the others, but the rest of them seem to have a good chance. i might try raising waxworms so i can have small stuff that is known for its tastyness-some will approach a worm chunk but when it touches their nose they shake their heads back and forth and wont try to eat again for a while.

10th July 2005, 19:11
Hi Paris, have you looked at these?

10th July 2005, 19:45
Dave, this is the first time I've seen these offered for sale. They look awesome. This may be worth mentioning as a separate thread in the Live Foods section.