View Full Version : Lonely Taricha

15th November 2005, 04:05
I think I will need to start looking for a couple of females to pair up with my male. When I went to feed him a piece of earthworm, he tried to clasp the tweezers....


15th November 2005, 04:59
Im in the same boat as you Ed, tonight I got my first Taricha in 12 years. I will need to find him a female friend hopefully next spring!

15th November 2005, 06:29
I had this problem too you guys! I have acquired a juvenile recently who is in quarantine. Unfortunately, I think it may be a male also. http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/sad.gif

15th November 2005, 12:24
My male's still in quarantine (he also clasps the tweezers), but my females look full of eggs. S when he comes out at the end of the month... cross your fingers and keep your eyes on the wanted section!

20th April 2006, 17:08
Funny. As a kid I remember some of the Taricha newts I had years ago which clung to my fingers when I picked them up. It never occurred to me why they did this until now.