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7th April 2005, 19:34
i want to setup a nice tank for red spotted newts but need to know a few things
how large a land area do they need im using a ten gallon for mine and planning on making a plexiglass shelf with a rim to hold the substrate as the land area.
is an in tank filter ok? or should i go with an over the side filter?
could i use a deer antler for a decoration under the water or no?
what do you suggest for substrates under water and on the shelf? and if anyone can post a picture of there setup that would help a lot

7th April 2005, 21:37
hmm, I'm planning on a red-spotted newt setup as well. (Notophthalamus v. viridescens) I've heard that substrates really aren't neccessary.

When i've seen N.v.v. I've seen them in streams, and ponds...are they one of the few types that likes a bit of a current? I'm kind of hopig for a waterfall filter that will splash onto some rocks to disperse the current.

Always make sure there's no gaps around the top, newts have a habit of crawling out of tanks, and don't need holes as big as they are. http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/happy.gif

8th April 2005, 00:58
now substrate on the bottom or on the shelf? or do you been i shouldnt put in a shelf?
i've seen some pictures of newt setups with in-tank filters so i think thats the kind im going to try, im afraid of them escaping and it seems like it'll be easier to keep them in if i only have to run a wire out the top

8th April 2005, 02:28
Lauren, do you already have the newts? If so, base the setup on their observed behavior. If they always stay in the water (which is typical for adults), then don't bother with an elaborate island (unless you have the space and want it for "looks"). If they like to crawl out on land, then a nice island might be worthwhile. If they stay all the time on land, consider a terrarium. For setup ideas, see:

I would not recommend an over the side (or waterfall) filter, because they can climb out the small openings around it.

I would not recommend a deer antler. I have no idea what that might leach into the water.

As substrate in the water, you could leave it bare or use pebbles or fine sand. The conventional wisdom is to avoid gravel that could be swallowed and obstruct digestion (although I've never had this problem with Notophthalmus during many years of using the wrong size of sand).

8th April 2005, 02:51
i've had them for two days and have been keeping them in a pretty simple setup, barebottomed with some moss in the water for them to hide in and i put in a peice of styro foam to see if they would use it
they ate already today and i filmed a male trying to mate but the female wasnt intrested
im stopping by the fish store tomorrow to get a filter and some blood worms, maybe some plants. i was hoping to set up a natural looking tank but i'll probably start simple and add things as i go along, maybe i'll have a chance to post pictures on them tomorrow

19th April 2005, 20:56
Here is a picture of my Nvv set-up. I'm currently housing 6 indididuals in this 10 gallon. I have a few that never use the island, a few that like to use the island every once in a while, and one that refuses to leave it.