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8th March 2005, 00:22
I don't know if fellow granulosa keepers have experienced this, but mine bark. I found this a bit odd because I've never come across this in any text I've read about them. This occured while transferring them from their 55 gallon home to a temporary tank while I was modifying their set-up. I snagged them out of the water by hand and half of them proceeded to make a bark sound. It sounded like a low-toned Bombona orientalis call, but it wasn't continous- just a "hmmm". Has anybody else experienced this?

8th March 2005, 00:46
Hi Jeff,

"Amphibians & Reptiles of the Pacific Northwest"
by Russbaum, Brodie,Jr., and Storm, state in their text re: Taricha g., "that they have been reported to vocalize". Not that this helps you any, but at least it seems you are not the only one to have experienced this! Aren't you lucky! http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/happy.gif

8th March 2005, 03:10
Thanks for the info, Pamela. It's nice to know that I'm just not "hearing things"http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/errr.gif!

8th March 2005, 05:38
Jeff isn't it illegal to keep native species in California? I know that it is here thats why I had to get rid of my rough skinned newts.

8th March 2005, 05:54
-by cali law you are allowed 4 native species, and if they are to breed you need to give those away within 45 days

8th March 2005, 14:54
O ok.

8th March 2005, 17:15
William I believe laws such as those found in Washington and California are in place to prevent mass collections of animals. If you look at other places around the world where such laws don't exist or aren't enforced in any capacity, you'll find species that have been devastated by mass collections for the pet trade or other purposes (i.g. consumption). There are several turtle species in Asia that have been depleted by such means and are to the point where protection from collection is needed. My point is if you're keeping a few granulosas, which are quite abundant in their native habitat, for personal enjoyment and not breeding them for profit, I doubt government officials will be busting down your door to confiscate them.

23rd March 2005, 03:59
On the mane topic,; I have just recently found a Taricha. I herd it make a small "bark" sound if you will. So your not alone!:D

3rd April 2005, 23:31
Mine make noises as well. The older one does when he comes to the surface for a gulp of air.
He usually does it more when he's stressed. I wouldn't really describe it as a 'bark' though.