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22nd December 2004, 23:47
Hello. I grew up in Northern CA where the green bulgy eyed, orange slick skinned newts were plentiful in the backyard (we lived in the foothills with a lot of trees, yard waste piles, etc.) and now I learn that these are Vulgaris, known in pet shops as "Oregon newts". Ironically, I now live in Oregon and cannot find any creatures fitting this description online. I'm afraid it is impossible to go searching up in the parks with two young kids, one of whom is autistic and will (has!) thro herself in any stream, waterfall, or rushing half frozen river within a mile radius. Also, I don't want to capture one-seems unkind. I just want one for my wife and myself, to be honest. Pet stores are evil-I know that from experience, Mark Reid's Vulagaris' are gone. If I get a response about vulgaris pygmaes or Jenny's newt, could they still thrive in a set-up for what I thought would be so easy to get? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm obviously a novice, just grew up loving those bulgy eyed fellows and have waited until I could afford proper set-up. Kristen

23rd December 2004, 01:27
I'm a bit confused as to what species you are referring to. Taricha granulosa - the rough skinned newt is commonly sold in pet stores as "Oregon newt." Vulgaris - Triturus vulgaris, the smooth newt, comes from Europe thus it is obviously not the species you are thinking about. I personally never offered either of these species, you must be thinking of someone else.

As for the rest of your post, I am not quite sure I understand... perhaps you could explain a bit more clearly what your question is.


23rd December 2004, 22:10
I too find this post very hard to understand. It seems oddly incomprehensible coming from a writing instructor. What information exactly are you looking for?

The statement "I don't want to capture one-seems unkind" seems rather contradictory. If you obtain one, it has to be captured by someone from somewhere. To find one that was captive-bred is exceedingly rare.

These links might help: