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3rd March 2005, 02:40
here is the link for the photo-very pretty-but im guessing its about as hard to get as the majority of bolitoglossas out there...http://www.globalherp.com/a21b0200.jpg
this site currently has no amphibs available anyways...
are there any bolitoglossas known to be hardy captives?

3rd March 2005, 02:59
Hi Paris,
if you get them established they are tend to be hardy (at least the two species I worked with). Getting them established is the problem.


5th March 2005, 02:10
Wow, that's a beautiful salamander. The first thing that came to mind was Red splash-backed D. galactonotus. Who wants to go to Guatemala with me to look for some? j/k

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5th March 2005, 02:51

7th March 2005, 06:16
that salamander is amazing!!!

9th March 2005, 15:24
yeah, galactonotus does come to mind lol. that is an amazing species though

10th March 2005, 09:38
Yes, there are quite a few pretty ones:
http://www.amphibiaweb.org/cgi/img_query?query_src=aw_search_index&enlarge=1111+1 111+1111+2629 (http://www.amphibiaweb.org/cgi/img_query?query_src=aw_search_index&enlarge=1111+1 111+1111+2629)

10th March 2005, 19:37
It would be a pipe-dream to keep lincolni and red galactonotus in the same set-up, wounldn't it? I could just imagine it now...http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/biggrin.gif

(not that it should actually be done.)

29th March 2005, 01:49
Just to follow up, I found another picture of B. lincolni. It can be seen here: http://www.uta.edu/biology/campbell/guatemala/images/Bolitoglossa_lincolni.JPG
Unfortunately it's listed as Near Threatened due to a small range of habitat (a few places in Guatemala and one in Mexico), so we'll probably never see this species in captivity. If it were introduced into the captive market, it would likely need plenty of plant life (bromeliads, philodendrons) and high humidity in order to survive.