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19th August 2003, 07:27
I think this is an Aneides ferreus, but I'm not entirely convinced. I found this salamander right near seaside on the north coast of oregon, which is very clearly out of the clouded salamander's range according to the map in Corkran and Thoms. It was near a very small, dry creek. It has an extremely faint, or possibly nonexistent, dorsal stripe of a yellowish color. The top of the tail has the most convincing stripe. When uncovered and handled, it wasn't active like a clouded, but acted much like a dunn's and sat quite patiently for photographs. It has no white flecks on it except on the grayish underside. Is it possible for this to be a dunn's with very very faint markings? I had found another small plethodon dunni that same day that had the most broken up dorsal stripe I had ever observed. It's fifth toe is not even close to as long as the fourth toe, but it's certainly longer than most dunn's I've seen. Examining the photographs as well, the toes don't really appear to touch if adpressed, but come within about 1 costal groove. From the head shape also, I want to say clouded, but this would be the first one I've ever found if it is, so I don't have much experience with them. http://www.caudata.org/forum/messages/13/5720.jpghttp://www.caudata.org/forum/messages/13/5721.jpg

19th August 2003, 13:49
That's A. ferreus. They occur along the coast of OR all the way up to the Columbia River.

24th August 2003, 13:11
I'd have to agree just based on the toe structure. I ran into the same problem in northern CA. You almost have to ignore color and go strictly with morphology. To make matters worse, there are a lot of misidentified pics on the net if you try to use them as guides.


24th August 2003, 13:34