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28th January 2007, 18:27
While I've been keeping newts for sometime, yesterday I bought my first Pleuros (5juveniles). One of the first things I noticed about these guys is their appetites, they just seem to eat and eat. I've got some pictures of them and their set up. I'm going to upgrade them to a bigger tank, so any suggestions for improvements in the set up would be welcome.

That's the tank, don't be alarmed by the heater or the condensation, I've got the heater on a timer at its lowest setting (20c) in order to keep the tank around 17. I've done away with the filter and gravel, while planting it heavily with oxygenators. I also have a turtle dock in the back.

(above and below) This one newt has alarmed me with the amount it eats, consuming roughly the same quantity of food of its 4 tank mates combined, and they eat plenty. The newt's gotten quite large (it doesn't look bloated), is there any chance that it could become fat? I'm thinking if it stays fat like this I'm going to name it Jabba.

Here are some shots I took of the other ones:



28th January 2007, 18:56
The fat one may turn out to be female, my females eat alot more than the males.

29th January 2007, 02:47
That's right, my females consume much more than my single male...He seems too preoccupied with amplexing the ladies!

He's from the same brood and my females are about twice his size. I've got three of them in a 15 gallon tank and they all have equal access to food during feeding times.