View Full Version : Pleurodeles eggs at last!

12th November 2006, 05:11
My breeding group of (4.4) Pleurodeles waltl (Spanish ribbed newts) have begun to lay eggs. I am ready though, i have plenty of Daphnia and cyclops backed by bbs to feed all of the hungry mouths. I haven't been able to pick out the female(s) that laid them though, but I do know a couple of them look like they will soon be mothers as well!

16th November 2006, 10:42
Congratulations Jacob! It sounds like you are very well prepared. Once they start they should lay regularly and have a fairly extended season. Mine only stop for the hottest part of the summer but I normally get well over 1,000 eggs a year from them. Enjoy raising them it's hard work but very rewarding.

16th November 2006, 22:15
Wow that's pretty cool. You should try to figure out whose male and whose female though. It can be helpful at times.

17th November 2006, 21:28
Well, I am almost positive what female it is, but the male could be any of them. All of the males will mate with all of the females, it is just a guessing game there.