View Full Version : EGGS!!! What should I do????

31st October 2005, 15:41
My Pleurodeles layed eggs last night and I don't know wath I do now! I just take all the pleurodeles off the aquarium! And now?? Should I remove the eggs??

31st October 2005, 16:02
And there is one more problem! She put her eggs everywhere! In the rocks, inside her cave, in the walls! What should I do???

31st October 2005, 16:40
If you want to keep the eggs and raise the larvae, then you can remove some of them. I don't recommend trying to remove and raise all of them. Maybe a few, like 20. Most people will just leave the eggs in the adult tank and let nature take its course (the adults eat the eggs/larvae). Since P. waltl are prolific breeders, there's no harm in this.