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29th December 2004, 10:57
here is some updated stuff about my local-colorado springs-tigers, this region is that of a intergrade between barred and blotched tigers. their 55 gallon tank was a weed garden-it was hard to spot one. look real hard and you can see one in the bottom middle left-ish part of the tank
ive cleaned it out-put in a few wood barriers to create a terraced set up
its a bit dirty until the plants grow back a bit and the dirt gets compacted-so some of these guys are gritty little dirt monsters
surprisingly i got a real good photo through all this scratched glass
when i dug them all up i decided to take their photos so to get an idea on the spectrum they cover on patterns

29th December 2004, 11:06
if you notice-a few of the males in the above photos have very spatulate tails for tiger-they were camped out in the small water basin (its a planter) and seem to be ready for spring -so i rounded up my prettiest male and 3 bold females-all of the blotched pattern and have these set aside to put into an aquatic set up-lets see if i can produce anything-as you can see by the photos-the females may be gravid..we'll see.....

29th December 2004, 11:09
here is one photo i forgot for the beginning post-its another image of the spectrum i get around here


29th December 2004, 20:52
Sweet, love the pics.

30th December 2004, 04:12
Nice setup. Wish I had some tigers. How many do you have I think I counted 8.

21st February 2005, 18:00
I love it! Do you have a final photo of your setup?