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25th March 2002, 10:23
I have been the owner of two fairly full grown axolotyls for about 2 months now.
All has been well so far, i assume...
I have been feeding them ox-heart with no fat on it... however i may have been feeding them either too often (about three times per day) or too much (about 0.5cm by 3cm strips), because i think that they are not keeping much of it down, and i am regularily finding chunks of have digested meat floating in the enclosure.
Any help regarding what to feed my axolotls, how much and how often to feed them would be greatly appreciated.
Also, it is coming up to winter here in New Zealand, and i was wondering if it would be worthwhile heating up the tank the axolotls are in?
Thanks for any help and suggestions,

25th March 2002, 19:45
Hi James,

As someone else who has just posted a message about an axolotl regurgitating food, your post caught my eye.

Just to clarify your feeding regime: you mention the amount of food and the frequency... but is this ***every*** day??? No rest days of no feeding?


26th March 2002, 10:37
Beef heart is not a great food to feed axolotls. It's been the experience of a number of hobbyists that amphibians have difficulty dealing with mammalian fat (and protein too?). Try something like earthworms or trout food pellets.

As for heating, as long as the temperature doesn't get below 5 or 6 degrees Celsius then there's no need to heat them, and even then, axolotls can survive periods of freezing temperatures.

30th March 2002, 23:55

I've been feeding my axolotls live blood worms since I got him, almost a year ago. I've tried recently to feed him both store bought fish pellets as well as the axolotl pellets from Indiana University, but he just spits them out. Does anyone have any suggestions, as I've heard blood worms aren't the best food for him? And in regards to the above post, about "rest days" of non-feeding, i hadn't heard anything about that before. I've been feeding him everyday...is this something I should stop doing?

21st April 2002, 20:22
My Axis are thriving on dried bloodworm (a good pinch two days out of three) supplemented with a Tetramin stick each (broken up into 4 pieces) and the occasional treat of live bloodworm or shrimp.

They've bred succesfully, so I guess they must be in fairly good health!!

2nd February 2004, 12:14
i also have a pair axolotl and i feeding my axolotls live blood worms. How often provide the food can well feed them??? Can they know they are not hungry???

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30th May 2004, 17:46
I feed mine a small amount every day, making sure to rotate the menu regularly. If they are regurgitating food, I've found that it generally means that the food is not being digested fast enough and is spoiling in the stomach, so the animal spits it back out. I'd try reducing the number of feedings, or the amount fed.