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16th October 2003, 23:08
I've recently noticed a white foot rot that has infected my axolotls. It is more noticable on my Wildtype axolotls than my white or golden ones. I have 7 adults in a 4ft tank, no substrate, big gentle filter. I partically change the water every week and do complete water changes every 2 months. I'm thinking it is a bacterial infection. It has come on very suddenly in a matter of 2 days otherwise I would have posted sooner.






Does anybody have any idea what this is? It seems to be eating my axolotls toes/soon-to-be-feet away. I've only ever had these guys ill once with a gill infection which cleared up via salt baths. I've read John Clares health page but it doesn't mention anything like this.

I would quarantine them all but I have not got the space and I am pretty sure they all have it but at the moment the golden's are not showing signs. The worst three are my wildtypes and my leucistic whoses toes are rapidly dissapearing.

I will do a full water change, filter clean out, and give them salt baths ASAP if this is what will help them.

Thanks in advance for any info, I am not sure what kind of infection this is or how to treat it.

17th October 2003, 10:17
Hi Aimee

I'd salt bath them as this is a skin surface problem. It's also worth giving the bottom of your tank a good clean as sometimes you can get a nasty bacterial film down there on bare glass -even worse on plastic.

This should clear up quite easily. If the fuzz is not starting to drop off at the end of a week, use some Myxazin in the tank.

18th October 2003, 16:39
The only instances of this of which I've heard involved build up of bacteria on the tank substrate and the constant contact with the feet led to transfer and the subsequent "rot". I think Claire's advice is good.

10th October 2008, 13:28
if i was you i would salt bath or fridge for few days and make sure away from other fish they will pick at the weak part