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19th February 2002, 04:57
So I've got two rebel Axo's here in Australia, where the majority of people seem not to know what the heck they are. They are both the wild colour, with more green in them than brown/black - quite nice actually. Their names - Turbo as he seems to float and glide around the top then hit boost; and Axilius Maximus, as he perches on a big river stone I have in there and looks out blindly with much disdain for the peasant pebbles.
the first, Axilius, I got as a gift, Turbo I bought for his company.

The What:
What specifically should I be doing to get them to feed from my hands? So far it's been pellets since they were fairly young when i got them, approx. finger length in size. I was told pellets was all i needed. . and they liked it enough. the bloodworm branch into my "why" so I'll leave that for now. But they have been getting live food ie. tetra's, white clouds or other baby fish - electric yellows that a friend breeds. but what's the process i need to be going through?

The Why?

I've been told that they do not need a heater by most, but an experienced owner here with a mammoth Axo, (1 ft.) has said that they do if the water gets too cold. There were little thin white things on the glass of the tank after a water change and clean, they looked like little microscopic worms, but I think not. i was told if the water is too cold, they regurgitate the food and it looks like what i had. Now why is it that I cannot get a straight factual answer about the effects of temperature and digestion? help?

The How?

How can I thank you in advance for all the help I'm sure to receive.
lol, thanks alot.

I did have a how, just in the process of writing this, I got the answer.

24th February 2002, 20:32
As for the what....
Try forceps and earthworms, or small bits of beef mince - these have a very strong smell. Hold them to the animal's snout with the forceps, and wiggle if necessary until taken. When this works, move the food to an inch away, and try the same procedure. Eventually, they will recognise the food at a distance and go for it immediately - and what's more, they'll be used to your hand hovering an inch or two away. Within 4 days of buying my latest axolotl, I've tought it to accept food from my index finger and thumb in this way. As for the why? When axolotls feed - especially on mucus-producing annelids and molluscs - they will often partially regurgitate in the process of swallowing. Often, mucus will be ejected in the course of this partial regurgitation - and takes the form of white strands. The alternative would be parasitic worms - often carried by tropical fish, so check that your friend's fish have not had problems with parasites. Hope that helps http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/happy.gif By the way, your two axies seem to look and behave *exactly* like mine - I'd love to hear more from you. Drop me a line at megamarine@supanet.com

18th March 2002, 13:34
They learn to feed from your hands if you continually offer them food that way.

As for the "worms", they probably are flat worms and not regurgitated food. Those are often something you've got to live with once they're there because they're very hard to get rid of. If the axolotls aren't irritated by them I say best to leave the worms alone (some worms like to nibble on axolotl mucus and the axolotls will sometimes flail about wildly if this is happening).