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11th December 2004, 20:31

A local importer has a batch of newts. They are being sold as XL Firebelly newts and there is no locality information available on them.

There are 2 species in the batch (at least?) and one is definetly caudopunctatus, but i am having bother deciding what these are as I havnt seen them in the flesh before and the pics online are proving a bit tricky to tell from...

here are a couple of my pics and apologies about the algae on the glass, i can get better pics if these are useless http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/biggrin.gif


11th December 2004, 20:32
and a couple more...


11th December 2004, 21:44
I would go for fuzhongensis (or one of the very similar imported species)because of the very warty skin. Although they may not have been collected in the same place, caudopunctatus and fuzhongensis are sympatric in certain parts of their range.
If you are going to get some, just get several of the same type from the same shipment, abd get a mix of sexes. The one in the second pic (if they are different animals) is a male.
They look healthy as well - good luck with them!
Watch out for aggression though - fuzhongs are best kept in 1.1 pairs, as they will pair up and defend a territory as a pair during the breeding season.

11th December 2004, 22:03
Those look like my newts which I'm pretty sure are fuzhongensis, I had to isolate one from the others because of aggression.

12th December 2004, 08:49
Hi Colin
They look like fuzhongensis i have 5 adults.

12th December 2004, 10:49
Colin - sorry I meant the third one is a male

12th December 2004, 13:24
I'd say fuzhongensis.

12th December 2004, 13:24
Thanks all of you, i thought i maybe had some hongkong newts but fuzhongensis was my first guess, hard to tell from pics

thanks again!!!