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28th December 2004, 06:42
recently one of the smaller tank mates has gotten a mysterious owie on his back foot. I think he had a close encounter with the king of the tank( big daddy), or better known as Antonio. It looks like the skin is pretty much toast. To make sure it doesnt get infected i put him in a salt solution of one teaspoon of table salt per two liters of water. How long should I give him regular salt baths (in days). I only keep him in the salt solution for about ten minutes at a time. Is it okay to keep him in longer according to the salt solution(is it diluted enough)??

Is there anyhting else i can do to speed up his recovery? and i would also like to know if while he is in the salt solution is it okay to feed him?
What about putting the little guy in the fridge, keep him extra cool. On the Axo info site it says they heal faster at colder temperatures. Refridgerator cold??
Im learning so dont laugh at my questions!

28th December 2004, 13:01
i wouldnt think it would be a problem to feed him but if he is only in there for ten mins a day then im sure he can go without eating for those ten mins?

Ten mins a day is enough.

keeping them in the fridge is suppost to help them heal quicker but i only heard of people doing it in extreme cases but i could be wrong.

Also it might be to much of a shock if he goes from the fridge for ten mins to your tank qhich you said is about 20 degrees? it might also result in you getting more babies hehe

28th December 2004, 14:07
When I got 2 of my axolotls they were missing most of their limbs. Echo had half of one front leg and the rest were tiny stumps. Jude had one back leg and about 1/3 of each of his/her other legs.The ends of their tails were missing as well as chunks from their top fins.

I used a small amount of salt in their containers all the time instead of salt bathing them. I also used the Melafin (at a lesser dose than recommended for fish) for the first 3 days I had them.

They both did just fine. All legs and parts are grown back.

28th December 2004, 18:45
lol jenny, i dont think im going to get any more eggs, the one that would go into the fridge is sill a juvie, most likely born in july/ august. Im not even sure if its a he or a she.
he/she was that way too, one front leg and the rest were litle stumps. they all grew back but one of the legs is like defective! it bends the wrong way. and on the back feet there is only four toes. Not regrowing them at all. He/she sure is a strange little guy/gal!

28th December 2004, 20:23
maybe he is a mud puppy? they only have four toes on the back. . .

28th December 2004, 21:35
no hes an axolotl, i sure of it. Its only that way on one foot too.
Are there golden albino mud puppies?

10th January 2005, 06:14
What is the typical reaction to a salt bath? Mine had a slight fungus so I put him in a bath of 3 teaspoons of salt to 1.5 litres of water per the site's recommendation. He didn't seem to like it at all (gulping, gills twitching, tail curled up) so I took him out after just a couple minutes. He still seems pretty stressed out. Is this normal?

10th January 2005, 06:45
I think that might be too much salt........ My aquarium salt says 1 tea spoon per 5 litres, although they have different concentrations.

15th January 2005, 10:55
Don't confuse salt baths with salt levels in your tank.

If the concentration seems very high for your axie then try 1/3 or 1/2. But remember a salt bath is only for 10 mins 2 - 3 times a day.

If you want a 'salty' tank note the IU and many others use 40% Holtfreters. Recipe can be found on this site but you can just use the salt component without harm. I have tried 40%Holtfreters and 'ordinary water' without noticeable effects from either.

29th January 2005, 20:33
Isn't the salt a special Compound, and not just table salt? I just thought if your common or garden salt was used you could do more harm than good. Or am I mistaken?

29th January 2005, 22:25
Table salt...2 teaspoons of salt per 1 litre is fine for 10 minutes, but transfer to salt-free water immediately.
Half a teaspoon of salt per litre is fine for keeping them on a short term continuous basis, but less effective against a big fungus infection.

30th January 2005, 15:36
Just to clarify- this can be non-iodized table salt, but most/many people use iodized salt for their table. iodine = no bueno.

30th January 2005, 17:29
Hi Eliseba,
The table salt that I use is produced in the UK.
Ingredients: Sodium chloride and anti-caking agents: Magnesium Carbonate, Sodium Hexacyanoferrate 11.

20th February 2005, 23:37
Is it okay to use Aquarium salt? I have some on hand I use for my fish tanks. My table salt has iodine in it I think. "Fire Ball" is our first axolotl and doesn't appear to be doing well. On the new owners thread I asked about shedding. Fire Ball has this film on him that he sheds. This has happened twice since we got him last week. My husband put him in an aquarium without treating the water. I did treat it later though with the water conditioner I use for the fish water. I just gave him a worm and he didn't seem to care much. It was a large worm so I cut it in half. I didn't see him eat it but only see 1/2 in there now. He just went to the surface and hiccupped or sneezed? It looked kinda funny. Also the temp is at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. I don't want this little sucker to die before my step-son gets to see him again. I don't want him to die at all. Help, please.

21st February 2005, 07:29
Aquarium salt is perfect... The film could be a slight fungal film and salt baths will help treat that. I don't know what 68 is in Celsius, they like it between 12 - 20 degrees Celsius, so whatever that is in Farenheit.

21st February 2005, 14:06
Thank you. 68F = 20C so I guess I need to be sure it doesn't get any warmer. Thanks again.