View Full Version : Ate rocks!! What should I do????

6th January 2005, 16:49
He just passed them today, should I worry????

6th January 2005, 17:11
not now hes passed them. but...i would get rid of the small rocks if you can. or cover them with large ones like slate or something..

not sure if small smooth rocks are ok....


6th January 2005, 19:50

He may have passed some stones but there could be others. Don't panic, axies can hold pebbles in the gut for a long time, sometimes months.

But if you transfer him to an empty container for a few days you'll see if he's inclined to pass any more at this time.

If you check out some of the piccys in set up or the axie gallery you'll see mnay diffenet kinds of substrates uses. Some favour sand, I favour gravel. But wiht gravel you do run the risk of them ingesting the stones; if they are too small. I use the largest pea gravel I can find and slate platforms to feed them on.

10th January 2005, 12:16
The gravel i use is small enough (i assume so) that if swallowed it will be easily digested by my axies.

Like mil said you could us a slat platform to feed them from and train them to take the food from there (but then u gotta worry about the current, if any, moving the food off it), or train them to take from your hand.

I got 2 adults yesterday and to feed them i just stuck in an old plate which some pellets on it. This of course was near a current so the pellets floated off, i then moved it further back and it was fine. All you gotta do is just lead em to the food or let them find it for themselves.

I feed my juvi's by hand so they rarely look in the ground now. Sometimes they will nibble at the pellets others they will gulp it in whole.

With my adults now i will be feeding them earth worms as a staple. Basically dangle it infront of the axies face and whamo, axie got a mouthful of worm.

Also like mik said different substrates to use. Sand is easily digested as sometimes pebbles may get lodged in the digestive tract of the axie. If you do use gravel make sure it is bigger then the axies mouth or small enough that you think it will be passed.

15th January 2005, 10:57
alternativley feed your axies in a container with no substrate whatsoever in and then return to main tank.