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1st January 2005, 03:04
A little while the youngest of the tank members was being bullied and somebody bit his foot. The skin was gone in one place and you could see fleshy stuff. To help him heal i gave him 10 minute salt baths in a salt solution of one teaspoon of table salt per two liters of water.
It looked like it was getting better for a short while untill *foreshadowing JAWS music come on* i had to spend two days at my grandmothers house.*music fades away*
I came back home to find that he got a fungus looking thing on the injured foot.

Is there anything i should do besides the salt baths?
More salt maybe?

1st January 2005, 11:30
Keep on with the salt baths Heather...now you're back if you can keep up the treatment everything should work out. If it doens't clear up in a few days you might want to try some myaxin or protozin in the main tank.

1st January 2005, 22:06
Any chance of a piccy Heather?

Salt baths will help prevent an infection taking hold. While you determine what the real problem is.

4th January 2005, 07:31
I have some pics of it, but its late, im dealing witht he eggs, and *yawn * im sleepy. I will get em up tomorrow
psst and i know what the problem is. i put them all in a smaller tank than theyre used to and they dont like it!

4th January 2005, 14:14

Why have you taken all of your axies out, why not just take the injured one out?

The other may become very stressed if you move them about and put them in a small container..

5th January 2005, 05:08
You've got me all wrong kim!
let me tell you whats going on:
i had two adult and one juvie axie in a two and a half foot long tank. The adults did thier thing and my girlie put eggs all over everything. Since i had another tank which was two feet long i just moved everybody except the eggs into that tank. So its not a small container and i do take the injured one out for a little bit of the day.

You see pito(the injured one)is very attached to the king of the tank(who is almost twice as big as he is) they hang out together. Where king goes pito goes, where pito goes King goes. So i didnt want to sepateate them for too long.
And no worries about his foot. it is much better and i think with a few more salt baths he should be back to his normal self!

5th January 2005, 16:43
Glad to hear he's healing.

The tank with your eggs in...if there is a filter they hatchlings may get sucked in. If there is gravel you may lose them in the spaces.

Best keeping eggs and larva in a bare tank or in something like Elishebas set up...see gallery