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20th January 2005, 19:40
Hello, I'm looking to get started with Axies & am having a hard time finding them. Where should I look to aquire them? I emailed Michael Shrom about them, I found his info on Indiana Unv's site, but he only has melanoid eggs, I'd rather have a wild type one & an albino really. I'm in Elyria, OH, near Cleveland, if anyone around here might have any! I'm sure this time of year isn't the best for shipping them either, being so darn cold lately. I'm not afraid of raising them from eggs, that'd probably be pretty fun & good for the kids to watch & learn from.


21st January 2005, 03:32
Hi Michael. Welcome http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/happy.gif

I contacted Wards Science in Nov and they said they had white with black eyes and wild type at that time.

Their web page still lists axolotls as available if you want to check into it.


Or you could make a post in the "Species Wanted, Items Sought" section of caudata.org and see if anyone responds.

Good luck with your search!

21st January 2005, 13:28
Hi Cynthia, Thanks for responding! I'll check out Wards this morning & see what I can find out. I was going to post in the wanted section, but it said that forum was closed, so I couldn't.

Thanks Again!

21st January 2005, 13:37
Oops, I just looked again & I was looking in the root of the wanted section, not in the USA one! Sorry about that. I'll see about posting there too.