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24th August 2004, 19:20
My 2nd female axi has now laid eggs and I'd like to figure out how the youngsters will look like.

Both parents are white axis ... does that mean that all 150 collected eggs will also become white ?

Is there any way to find out the likely distribution of the colors without having to make a degree in genetics http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/crazy.gif ?

24th August 2004, 20:15
Yep it's quite simple Andre.

You say both parents are white. Are both parents leucistic like the one in the photo attached to your message. If so the answer is yes all the babies should be leucistic too.

If one is albino and the other is leucistic the answer is more complex and i'll need more information. Trust the above answer is satisfactory. If you want more information look at the table I posted in Common name, tiger salamander and axolotl forum.

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24th August 2004, 23:32
Thanks mikki

I have another question. 2 months ago, the other female laid eggs and only one of the 'babies' made it past the hatching point ... all the other eggs went bad.

I've now put all eggs in one 10L aquarium with only water (nothing else) and made sure that the eggs were evenly distributed on the floor.


Another possibility would be to put the eggs in the same aquarium as the adult's but still confined in a smaller container where they still can get some fresh water as on this pic below.


Which way is the best to have as little deaths as possible, and is there anything I should be looking after in particular ?

25th August 2004, 05:13
i think that if they are all mushed together on the floor of the tank the hatch rate is gonna be low: if the oxygen isnt getting to them like if they are too crowded they wont hatch. next time you think your axies are gonna spawn set up a tank that has plants and pipes jammed accross the tank. if the female lays them on thees individually then they should get more oxygen.also an air pump would really help!!http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/biggrin.gif

25th August 2004, 16:20
yep try and space them out...look out for grey or hairy eggs as they are fungal or dead...remove them.

Spacing out help to aerate them...also try and air stone.

Check them daily and move them about. Once hatched serpate out into groups to cut down loss rate from disease and cannibalism.