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10th July 2004, 05:12
I'm thinking of getting another axolotl as a companion for my 3-yr-old female axolotl (I still refer to Brocky as a male even though his anatomy doesn't reflect that, there's been very little change in anatomy since i brought him home, its hard after 3 yrs to get use to calling him a her). It can't be good for Brocky's self-imagine, i know.

Anyway, the axolotls that are sold at pet shops in my area are all still babies (<10cm>20cm axolotl? I've heard that the bigger ones bully the little ones and can hurt them.

Would it be better to put the new little one in a separate tank until its bigger and wouldn't be such a target.

Also, if i did put them into the same tank and the new axolotl turned out to be a male, would i have to separate them if i didn't want them mating?

10th July 2004, 16:46
the little ones should be separate unless you want them to be food. lol. and since no one as of yet has salamander condoms, they'd have to be separate to be absolutely sure there was no breeding.

11th July 2004, 05:20
Well, as long as the male axolotl didn't have access to any righteous brothers or barry white albums, you should be fine.

11th July 2004, 16:45
I've seen pairs that breed like rabbits, with or without the Barry White.

11th July 2004, 17:58
are you sure they didint have any barry white? they could have had one of those water proof cd playershttp://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/rofl.gif

11th July 2004, 22:55
Cant be positive, but i'm pretty sure there was no barry white..... then again.... oh man, there WAS Barry White....

12th July 2004, 06:46
Mine seem to prefer Barry Leucistic

12th July 2004, 11:44
hahaha newt joke

16th July 2004, 11:38
The rate our wild-type eats he probably *is* Barry White.

16th July 2004, 15:27

18th July 2004, 10:58
Do you think that if there was a tank with a lot of little axolotls in it, say at the pet shop, would it be an accurate measure to compare the other axolotls to determine their sex? So I can choose one that is the same sex as my axolotl, so i can keep them in the same tank?

19th July 2004, 08:42
Yep, that'd make sense - just compare two axies of the same size. If the petshop knows what they're talking about, they should be able to help you... but don't count on it! Maybe bring along a print out of some sexing pictures?