View Full Version : Tail has gone white to reddish-pink?

13th June 2004, 09:14
Hey guys, I noticed today that Lucca's tail has gone from white to red/pink this afternoon. Is this an infection/nasty thing happening, or just regular blood circulation?

http://www.evoker.net/~swiftrat/fishtank/axolotl/help/tailwhite.jpg - Here her tail is normally white.

http://www.evoker.net/~swiftrat/fishtank/axolotl/help/tailpink.jpg - Now it has gone a light pink shade.

http://www.evoker.net/~swiftrat/fishtank/axolotl/help/tailred.jpg - Now it has turned reddish-pink.

Any suggestions?

13th June 2004, 16:36
that looks like a bacterial infection to me. If you have a vet nearby that knows amphibians well, I'd consider taking it in, because if it bacterial, the axo will probably need to be injected with an antibiotic.

14th June 2004, 19:09
Hey Swiftrat did you do anything like change water or add cool bottle or anything to tank.

Someimes if you abruptly put them into another tank at a somewhat differnent temperature they will change colour as blood vessels dilate or constrict. The effect goes away after a few minutes though.

Good luck, Regards


16th June 2004, 10:16
I agree with Mik, blood flow will cause this effect in stressed or excited axolotls in my experience. It should drop down, though. If it's constant like this for more than a day, it may be something worse.

18th June 2004, 12:21
Yeah, nah... she's back to her snow-white self. All that swimming she did prior to my taking the photos of her mustv'e been blood flow.

She's an athletic little scamp.