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21st May 2004, 01:41
The axolotl I just got was kept in Holtfreter's solution. Does that mean that I have to keep him in this as well, or can I adjust the hardness of my tap water and keep him healthy?

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26th May 2004, 18:53
Hard water seems to help keep their skin and slime layer healthy. Thus making them more resisitant to infection.

I have tried making up Holtfreters and noticed that a component is a good measure of common salt.
Unfortunately water in my area is very soft so I check it for hardness from time to time and add salt, sodium bicarb, epsom salts etc to make up a solution of Holtfreters when it is low. Sometimes I add some chemical from the local Aqua shop KH I think it's called.
Just test your general water hardness with a kit and if its v soft then add a supplement or make up Holtfreters. Often if you take a little phial of your water to Aqua shop they'll test it for free for you.



27th May 2004, 19:08
When you guys are talking about hard water, you mean mineral levels right?

Out here my well water (no additives) is so dang hard, that EVERYTHING has a mineral crust to it. I just had to scrap a coffee maker I adored!

I think I need to go re read some info about axos' and their water.... getting more nervous now...

28th May 2004, 20:45
honestly, axos are pretty darn hardy. I would go to my local aquarium shop and get a freshwater test kit. I would treat all incoming water with a water treatment that binds up heavy metals (my city's water supply is pretty metallic)

Test the water in your setup.

Chlorine should be zero, ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite should be as close to zero as possible, pH should be anywhere between neutral (7.0) and 7.6, and total hardness should be between 80 to 120 ppm. my mineral content is a modified Holtfreter's I add during BIG water changes.

29th May 2004, 14:29
If your water is hard it should be good for axys. If it is soft add something to make it harder. One possible way of doing this is adding hoftretters solution. I think you can purchase a dry bag of it from the I.U, axolotl colony. It shouldn't be real hard to get the ingredients and make your own. I've never tried. My water is hard.

29th May 2004, 14:45
Thanks guys, I'm just being anal. And I'm trying to rein myself in! LOL!

I know a couple of years ago, when I did some research on axos' I had my water tested and I remember thinking, 'Oh ok, its fine then." Even though I can't remember the numbers.

As for paying for something I can make myself... daunting as it may be, that doesn't bug, paying shipping bugs me! LOL!

But thanks again, guys. I'm going to take my water in for testing again, just to get the numbers.


29th May 2004, 23:10
Our KH and GH numbers are about 10 degrees each, which seems to be working fine for our herd. Since our water is already hard, we don't do anything to it (solutions,etc) for hardness. Don't add iodized table salt to your axo water- aquarium salt is ok if you must use it, but I prefer to have the axos accustom themselves to our water as much as possible rather than altering it for them. And, as has already been mentioned, they are indeed rather hardy animals.

11th June 2004, 05:56
I don't understand this hard water and soft water stuff. What does it mean and how do you test it?

11th June 2004, 17:30
"soft water" has few dissolved minerals. "hard" water has many dissolved minerals. If you have a layer of "crust" on the bottom of your coffee pot, you have hard water. You can buy testing supplies at almost any pet store.