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27th August 2006, 18:02
I had to do a bit of rescue work yesterday, I was checking on a population of wood frogs that happen to be living in an overflow at this pond near my house. The concrete standpipe that previously had lots of water and algea and was looking great was reduced to about 4 inches of water and it was nasty, complete with cigerette butts and beer cans. So I had to make the decision to relocate the now morphing tadpoles to the main pond. I didn't want to mess with them but I felt it was better then the alternative to let them dry up in a disgusting pit with no way out, as the entry pipe was 3 feet from the waterline.

I did bring a couple home thinking that there was a pond out directly behind the house that i could put some in, but that was dry too.

This was the one of the adults who laid the eggs

I hope I helped, you can never be to sure with us humans...

27th August 2006, 21:55
Whoops! I meant red-legged frog, Rana aurora, that I moved all the tadpoles, pictured here