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5th August 2006, 06:09
So I was trimming the yard with a weed whacker and I was in the far back of my back yard and I noticed a toad were I had just trimmed, it was franticly jumping away. I managed to get ahold of it and I then examined it to see if I hurt the lil' guy. It looked all good from the top, then I turned it over and his leg was bleedinghttp://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/cry.gif I felt kind of depressed when I saw it, I let him go in a safe place and hoped that the little guy would heal alright
*cross fingers*

5th August 2006, 12:56
Dane I know how you feel. As part of a project I'm doing at the moment I had to trim a 60m by 60m field. All around me I could see crickets, snails, various beetle, spiders and I felt awful as I destroyed their little habitat. Can't imagine how I would feel if there had been amphibians in there as well!

5th August 2006, 22:09
yes this happens to me often....cause I live in centeral illinois i often have toads and frogs and snakes in my yard and I can never find them before I mow the lawn but after I mow the lawn I often see dead snakes...I have never seen dead frogs or toads but I often see dead snakes????...dunno why???http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/sick.gif

6th August 2006, 04:06
yeah, everytime I mow the lawn I keep my eyes peeled for snakes, because those are my favorite to find