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12th August 2004, 04:58
I found a frog in a friends yard.

It is a little over an inch long, streamline thin body, it's a pale pinkish-brown, has a brown line running on each side of body from nostril to mid abdomen, white upper lip, blue eyelids, long toes(treefrog maybe?), and an extremely pointed nose.

He was found in the southern Appalachian Mountains on a rainy night.

Thank You So Much!!

12th August 2004, 16:40
Now that its day time I can see that he has some brown spotting on his legs, and three tan stripes on his back(with the middle one making a little diamond shape inbetween his eyes.

13th August 2004, 01:55
i need help to! i found a frog in my back yard. i live in hannibal mo. (usa) i will try to put a picture in i don't know how to, but i will try.It's brown and tan w/ two white lines going from head to back of it's body. eye is oval shaped, web toes, w/ great big legs. maybe a Norther leaperd frog? please help!

13th August 2004, 02:21
That's most likely a Pickerel Frog maybe a Leopard Frog. And I think I may of found my frog's ID: Mountain Chorus Frog

13th August 2004, 16:54
Thanks, i will try to find a picture of that frog.