View Full Version : I was watching my toad today...

16th February 2005, 20:24
...take his daily bath/swim in the filtered water section of his tank when it occured to me; I've never bothered to sex him/her. Anyone know?

18th February 2005, 21:15
True toads are generally really easy so sex. Males are generally smaller, have much thicker forearms, have rougher skin, have a duller patten, and have nuptial pads(dark pads on their inner fingers). Males will also have a loud release call (usually a rapidly repeated single note) when grabbed by another, or even when another is sitting on it. The throat colour is often different, depending on the species.
If you have any photos, or at least could say what species it it, it would be much easier.


19th February 2005, 20:49
Although non-reproductive females can also emit a loud release call.