View Full Version : Bumper crop of toads

27th July 2004, 15:47
This must be the year for toads in my area. We've got every size and you can find them anywhere in my yard. We have to be very careful at night walking out to the garage or you step on them. Anyone else notice this? Last year our yard had an abundance of spring peepers sticking on everything.

28th July 2004, 00:13
I've also noticed an abundance of toads. They keep the bugs down. They also love to live in the garage. Last year we had an extremely large specimen who made home under the lawnmower.

28th July 2004, 02:08
I haven't noticed as many spiders around here now that you mention bugs. Now THAT'S a good sign. My husband said he's got at least 4 large toads in his garage. Gotta love these guys!!

28th July 2004, 03:37
In my area, this year was a bad year. I assume because the farmer decided to irrigate a bit early, flooding the ditch that the tadpoles were in and sending them to who knows where.

28th July 2004, 15:49
You know, I was in Petsmart yesterday getting supplies and they were selling large toads for $10 apiece. Sheesh! I'm sure it's an average price but when I've got a bumper crop on my property...