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22nd December 2005, 07:51

I am planning to setup a vivarium for my future RETF, so please tell me the requirements for a proper RETF enclousure, or maybe post a pic. of your RETF habitat...thanks in advance!!

22nd December 2005, 22:31
I would suggest reserch, and stuff. There are tons of good sites, just google search for RETF care sheet. RETF like humidity between 60 and 80 %. tempeture never above 80 and never below 50 (at most). a small water dish. Plenty of live plants with big leaves (pothos, philodenren, etc.) Make sure your soil is correct, and make sure your have about 15 gallons per frog. Like I said... RESEARCH. You can sorta see my setup on my website picture section www.freewebs.com/thezooon (http://www.freewebs.com/thezooon) Good luck

23rd December 2005, 00:37
Hi Mark,

I do not think that the 15 gallon per frog is needed as this is a nonterritorial species. This species can be kept at fairly dense numbers for years without any problems and breed better when the numbers are higher. (When I want to breed them at work, I typically use a density of 1 RETF per 2 gallons) and have kept them for years (close to a decade) at a density of 1 per three gallons.
I would disagree with the upper level temps too, as the ones I have at work routinely get above 80 F (but do not get above 88 F) and have done well for years.
This is a species that has a bad rap for being difficult which is somewhat true of imports but cb animals are often very hardy.
With this species higher enclosures are the best idea, as this species will use little of the floor space and use large leaved plants as additional resting spots.
I feed out of a deep glass bowl to keep the crickts from hiding from the frogs. This way I can also control the supplementation better.


24th December 2005, 02:10
Hey, I meant just for an average tank, I personally believe that a RETF (no matter how many in the tank) should have at least 15 gallons. I don't doubt they can handle less, but why not go big (unless your breeding). About the temperatue, I was trying a safe average (not exact), and like I said, research is the best method. I keep Phyll (just one, plan to get more later) in a 20 g tall. I feed right when all the lights go out, and he gets his fill.

24th December 2005, 02:10
I forgot... Go crazy with PLANTS!