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13th September 2003, 18:51
Hey everyone

I have bought a few of them, but I don't know exactly wich species it is, can anyone who has pictures of hyperolius species post them please with the scientific name, it would be a great help. Or a good website with pictures could also help a lot.
A small description of my frogs, they are about 2 cm long, they're brown and in the middle of the back they are a bit lighter brown.

Can anyone help me please?

15th September 2003, 13:09
Hello Mark.

There are 100's of species and colour forms of Hyperolius. If you can get it, Arne Schiotz's 'Treefrogs of Africa' is what you need. It describes them all and illustrates most.

Of course the other way would be for you to post pictures. Even so, they're not easy to ID without locality information.

Good luck!