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14th November 2004, 22:45
I revamped my 20-gallon setup for 2 firebellies (if you look closely in the photo, you can spot them) so that there would be more horizontal land area (rocks on the left) for the crickets to not drown themselves and more easily be found by the toads. Also, does anyone know a good online place to get crickets cheap? PetSmart is killing me at 10 cents a cricket!


20th November 2004, 23:11
Sorry Leanne, i can't help you with the crickets. Nice setup you have there tho. I can see your firebellys and isn't that the rare ,spongebob square pants lurking in there with them?}}

22nd November 2004, 13:41
Ooops! Spongebob got in the photo somehow, man that guy is sneakyhttp://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/uhoh.gif

5th December 2004, 10:41
heres one http://www.wormman.com/cricket.htm You only get a really good value if u order 1,000 or something. That's a LOT of crickets... http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/sick.gif

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10th December 2006, 02:58
Yeah, you have to order a lot of crickets for mail order to be cheaper than 10 cents each. I'll also mention that I've had one not-so-good experience with wormman.com, so that would not be my first choice of where to order them.

11th February 2007, 22:30
Very nice set-up! It must have taken you a while to set it up!

they are constantly looking food), so feed an amount you think is appropiate.

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