View Full Version : Filtration for toads

23rd March 2002, 15:10
Hello again,

I'm looking to enlarge and improve the housing for my Bombina orientalis.

Has anyone any experience of keeping toads / frogs with aquatic filters other than undergravels? It isn't a deep body of water and I have to change the water regularly, especially when crickets spill in with some of their flake food still attached. I just can't see a U/G keeping up... and I imagine a power filter's intake, internal or external, is too powerful, even with some sort of "guard" on it, that it could do serious damage to a young toad leg.

Any ideas or tips? Thanks.

23rd March 2002, 17:42
I've kept Bombina with power filter before, there were no problems. Just place some rocks in the water flow to diffuse the strong current. I don't see how a filter could injure a leg unless the guard was pulled off and the toad somehow managed to crawl up the intake tube.

11th April 2005, 23:18
I kept 8 Bombina in a 55 gallon tank for over 7 months with 2 Duette 100 underwater filters. Now depending on the size of the tank and the amount of the toads what you will need. Another thing is to place ONLY the crickets you plan to feed your toads at that feeding in a container for ten to fifteen seconds and then put it in the tank. For a few seconds the crickets will start to move then the toads will jump them. Hope this helps.