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14th December 2004, 00:22
I have two Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads.Im planning on giving them a http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/new.gif tank (around 10 gallon or less) for a christmas presenthttp://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/biggrin.gif But I need set-up ideas.

Anyone have pictures of there FBT tank?I'd love to take a look at them!


14th December 2004, 00:45
Sorry I don't have FBTs any more they died http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/cry.gif ,but here is a ok pic.(not mine though) http://gallery.pethobbyist.com/index.php?photo=165286

15th December 2004, 00:30
Thanks..them pics are good.

Anyone else have any pics?

22nd December 2004, 01:43
i dont have any pics. But i have a nice 35 gallon with hanging plants and a couple of inches of water and an assortment of logs and hiding places. The bigger the tank the more u can do with it.

22nd December 2004, 07:25
Hey welcome joe!

22nd December 2004, 20:28
No Pics but I keep mine in a simple terrestrial setup on a substrate of bark chips a few silk plants for cover and a large water dish, then in the summer I move them to an aquarium for breeding.
I find they are better kept this way than in a permanently semi-aquatic environment.

23rd December 2004, 15:58
Why would you say that they shouldn't have a permanetly semi-aquatic environment? What are the benefits?

23rd December 2004, 16:42
yah, ive used bark chips and all theyve done was stick to the toads. I am using this kinda setup because i am trying to breed them.

23rd December 2004, 17:44
I'm not saying they should not have a permanent semi-aquatic setup, its just that from my observations they appear to be much livelier and healthier when kept in terrestrial setups and moved to aquatic setups only for breeding.
They can be kept and breed in permanent semi-aquatic environments its just down to my own preference and observations.

23rd December 2004, 21:13
yah i know i use semi aquatic setups because when i had the set up u had all they did was stay in the water.

10th January 2005, 14:31
Ya. If I just have a terrestrial with a water dish than they just sit in the dish all day long. Now they sit in the water all day long anyways, but the come on the land sometimes, to feed a whatnot.

11th January 2005, 23:38
I disagree on keeping them completely terrestrial. I have two FBT's in a 10 gallon tank, I have a land area on half the tank with rocks along the sides of it under the water line. They will chill on the rocks while being in the water, but still have there head out. I also have a few plants that come out of the water, and they will usually swim around in the water back and forth to the different places, and occasionally will stay on the bottom. If possible Crystal, I would get a 10 gallon tank as you can usually find them for sale pretty cheap (got mine for about $10), and it allows for endless setup possibilities..

21st January 2005, 01:53
try this link and go through his setups, it provides you with details on how to setup a very nice yet cost effective vivarium

i'm doing one under his guidance now

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24th January 2005, 17:48
that link doesnt work

25th January 2005, 17:05

i believe this should rectify the problem

anyway is a one footer semi aquatic tank sufficient for a pair of FBT???

26th January 2005, 00:00
If the tank is 1 foot long by 1 foot wide that would be OK. I don't really recommend it though. I used to have a single FBT in a similar setup to that and he wasn't very active. I now have him in a 15 gallon and he is much more active, never in the same place, always swimming and jumping around. So if possible I would try to aim for even a 10 gallon tank as they are fairly cheap (around here anyways) and you could easily house a pair of FBT.

26th January 2005, 06:10
hmmmm..... in that case i got to wait already as the hostel room in my campus can only fit a one footer lateral and a 2 footer vertical

jus customed them with doors and lock,
was intending to give the 2 footer to the rana signatas

and perharps a pair of FBT in the one footer
but think its too small for them