View Full Version : Bombina maxima or Bufo brongersmai

8th January 2003, 09:11
For those itnerested on these anurans; I have published articles (breeding, keeping etc.) on both species on www.podarcis.nl (http://www.podarcis.nl). You can download them for free (only registration necessary.

- S. BOGAERTS, 2000. Description, distribution and taxonomy of Bombina maxima. POD@RCIS 1(2): 44-48.
- S. BOGAERTS, 2000. Experiences with keeping and breeding Bombina maxima. POD@RCIS 1(3): 64-69.
- S. BOGAERTS, 2001. Breeding Brongersma's toad Bufo brongersmai. POD@RCIS 2(3): 81-88.

Have fun reading!

Sergé Bogaerts