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15th August 2004, 19:45
Like the silverstoni threads - let's keep the Dendrobate action going! Prize for the first person who can identify my new babies:

Yes, that is a 35mm film cannister they're sitting on!


15th August 2004, 20:58
It looks like a fantasticus, isn't it?

15th August 2004, 21:07
Or maybe an Imitator Intermedius...

16th August 2004, 09:25
And the prize goes to triton ... or does it?

D.imitator or D.imitator intermedius?

What's the difference?

22nd August 2004, 17:08
they symmatry of the spotting on those specimies is outstanding

22nd August 2004, 21:45
D. imator isnt as red, and always has the black Spots
D. i. intermedius is more red, and may lack the red spots.
Those look like D. i. intermedius

Very nice whatever they are. did you breed them yourself?


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23rd August 2004, 11:51
After spending a week researching the taxonomy of this group, I'm convinced they are D. imitator (see http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=pubmed&dopt=Abstract&li st_uids=14555763).
No, I didn't breed them myself, but I hope to in future!

27th August 2004, 02:06
Sooo....whats the prize?

28th August 2004, 02:22
hopefully the frogs!

29th August 2004, 06:38
The prize is ... kudos, and the respect of your Caudata.org brethren.
Who could ask for more than that? http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/happy.gif

27th October 2004, 18:34
I want these :P.

27th October 2004, 19:39
Got a big waiting list already John, but I can put you on it :-)
You should have been with us at frogday near Rotterdam on Sunday - would have made your eyes pop out!
I can post a report if you'd like.

27th October 2004, 20:04
Hehe, no need to put me on your list. Dart Frogs are something I'll look at a later point.

But please, by all means, post a report http://www.caudata.org/forum/clipart/happy.gif.

10th May 2005, 04:31
I am interested in Leucs, any suggestions where to get them?

7th October 2005, 21:56
D. imitator intermedius will probably not have the name last long. There is such diversity in the species, very few of it covered by subspeciating D. i. intermedius. They are actually pretty much a mid elevation D. imitator. I'll have more details in a few months after a few trips to Peru.

7th October 2005, 23:32
i have a trio of D. intermedius that im hoping will reproduce for me very soon. i have seen courting behavior, but no eggs yet. blasted frogs!! get busy already!!!

8th October 2005, 11:23
Back when I kept a lot of that group I would often just soak down the tank. My D. imitator colonies would produce best when the tank's bottom was wet mud, they even hid almost a dozen tadpoles in the mud that I didn't catch the eggs in time. I also had regularly found clutches of 4 with them. Try lots of overlapping new leaves from things like Japanese evergreen (more Philodendron looking of a plant) and the like. They really seem to like super smooth places. I also used fish flake containers flipped over with a hole in them (like a small coconut hut) placed at different elevations. They like to lay in darker humid spots, so make them if you don't have enough already.

8th October 2005, 18:31
good advice justin. im gonna give that a try with mine.they court, but dont do anything. what temps did u keep them at to get reproduction?? thanx alot by the way!


8th October 2005, 21:52
I just had room temps with a shop light on top. The tank was a 50 gallon lizard lounge that I did most breeding in, and I had almost all vents covered. Some excess babies I put in a 90 gallon and had them grow and breed as well-- I just didn't take care of their tadpoles, they had to do all the work. I can help you further later if you need more advice, but that should be enough to get them going. I also had a higher sex ration of males to females, but this was accidental. I started with 4 and after a few years I tore the tank down for cleaning and pulled out 25 despite collecting eggs several times a week for most of the time. If you have any more questions, just ask. I may have to trade you for Caudate knowledge.

9th October 2005, 17:13
lol, cool man. i think my frogs are still a little young for them to know what the heck theyre doin. theyre at most a year old. well, everything u said there, i am going already. the temps temd to climb to the 80's during the day. i suspect with the oncomming of winter, ill be able to balance the high around 72 or so. i feel that is when im going to get breeding action. anytime u want to swap knowledge, lemme know. im mostly into ensatina and eurasian newts. do u have any instant messanger programs? it would be much easier to chat there. well, take care justin


9th October 2005, 18:33
When you jump over to this side of the "pond" you should try to get to International Amphibian Days. You'll see lots of interesting dart frogs there. You might even see a salamander or two.

10th October 2005, 01:08
Sounds good, my interst in Caudates is mainly in Cynops and Neurergus, but I and I blame those on Ed, Mike, and Henk. You really should check out and IAD if you get a chance, that's where I learned a great deal. I guess I should also mention hellbenders as Ed and I occasionally do field work with them (or looking for them rather). They're really my only local project at this time. I helped a good friend do some long-tails research for 2 years for his PhD. Wow, I guess I am not as un-Caudate as I thought I was.