View Full Version : Pseudophryne bibroni- Bibron's toadlet

5th June 2005, 02:52
Our frog group had a little field trip last night too look for Bibron's toadlets. I never thought we'd be lucky enough to hear them, let alone find any, but we found FOUR! Their habitat is sooo specific that they're really starting to decline here, which is sad- They're such neat little frogs! They lay their eggs on land, under moist leaf litter in low-lying areas that flood with winter rains. The tadpoles mature inside the egg, so once the rains come and they hatch they're already pretty big and nearly ready to morph. Because they have a short, kind of grunt of a call that they only repeat once every few minutes it's pretty hard to track them down! The first attempt at locating one didn't work- he'd already scurried off when we got down with our lights to look. They don't hop, they walk instead, and they're good at escaping under all the ground cover!
Here are a few pictures of some we did find: