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7th May 2007, 18:44
I have had the eggs for a week, two hatched the day I received them from being shipped, and the other three have hatched all on seperate days. (I got to see four of the five make it in to the water out of their gooey egg, amazing I mist say!) Upon hatching I have put each larvae in to it's own little bug catcher tank. They are really convenient, transparent like an aquarium, cost a dollar and have vented lids with a see-through door.

They are all getting bigger, and I started feeding on Saturday. (I was lucky enough to find a company close by allowing me to pick up a culture of microworms, they usually ship but made an exception for me, thank-you Canadian Feeders!!)
I drop in the head of a toothpick covered in microworms twice a day, i this a sufficient method for feeding? I have watched the tanks closely, and have not seen them eat. But, they must be because they are growing and the number of worms are fewer after a few hours.

Also, because larvae need to be fed so often, when and how should I perform water changes?

If anyone has any other tips, that would be great!

8th May 2007, 00:27
They won't grow fast on microworms, but they'll grow. See if you can add something else occasionally (like a few Daphnia). Microworms die off after a while in water (can take a few hours or a day or two). In any case I would change the water completely every 2 or 3 days if you have no filtration or very gentle bubbler to circulate the water. If you have one of these, then change the water perhaps half as frequently in a decent size setup. I'm not familiar with the tanks you're describing but I am guessing they're small. In that case I'd change them every 2-3 days completely.

8th May 2007, 04:24
I was unable to find any daphnia. The guy at the shop said his cultures were not blooming. I have yet to find any other place in this city (or surrounding area) that has anything small enough to feed larvae. I do not have the time for brine shrimp, and even less of an idea of where I could obtain them.

The axies look good, I am changing their water tomorrow. They are so cool. The coolest thing was watching them dance about in their egg sacs. I wish my camera could register such a small image, I will keep trying so I can keep eveyone updated.

John, here is a picture of the tanks they are kept in. They cost a dollar each, and to me, well worth it. There is a vented lid with a hinged door on top. Easy to clean, easy to see what's going on inside.

11th May 2007, 03:21
I've been feeding mine once in the morning and again in the evening. I leave the food in there for a couple hours or so, and then clean the tank at night. It seems to keep the tank clean and clear and the babies can eat all day.
I've been using Brine shrimp. It was a little hard to get the hang of the first day or two, but after that, it has been really easy to maintain.
I have 2 hatcheries. One is very good at hatching the eggs, but good luck separating the cysts from the shrimp. The other is very slow at hatching, but lets the shrimp swim into fresh water which can be removed from the unit and fed directly to the Axies. (because the shrimp swim away from the cysts.)
I hatch in one, dump that water into the other unit, and have brine shrimp available all cleaned off and ready to feed every 12 hours when I'm ready.
I'll email you as soon as I can.
Your set up looks great!

12th May 2007, 10:57
Everything looks fine. Keep up the good work.

16th July 2007, 21:14
hey. I'm from a town in ontario right near you and was wondering where you got your axie eggs from? I'd love to get some but can't find anywhere willing to send them to me! thanks!